Stephen Dollins was a former high priest of satanism. He left it all behind and came to Jesus Christ for salvation. His goal is to warn people about many examples of witchcraft and expose how harmful they are.  God showed Stephen to warn people about the harm of witchcraft. He has exposed the Illuminati Playing Cards and cartoons and other tools of deception and witchcraft. He also talks briefly about The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and how it also contains witchcraft. Stephen was mistaken when he said that J.R.R. Tolkien was a "Christian". J.R.R. Tolkien was a Roman Catholic. Click here to learn about Catholicism. (Catholicism Exposed). Catholicism is notbased on the Bible. Its teachings contradict the Bible. Click to see how. 

In this video, Stephen Dollins (a former satanist high priest who got saved) exposes how Harry Potter books / movies contain real witchcraft. He warns parents that these books have encouraged many kids to get into witchcraft. He also shows how children are taught to be disobedient to parents and authorities, and how children are taught that lying, cheating, and holding grudges and hatred are acceptable. (According to the Bible, all these sins will send people to Hell.) Harry Potter books and movies promote rebellion and the Bible says that rebellion itself is as the sin of witchcraft. 1 Samuel 15:23 says: "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, he hath also rejected thee from being king."

Stephen Dollins Exposes Harry Potter in this 2 and 1/2 hour video series:


 ELEVEN (11) is the Illuminati Magick Number

(This transcription comes from the video entitled: UNDER THE SPELL OF HARRY POTTER .)

Aleister Crowly wrote:

"Firstly", 11 is the number of Magick in itself. [...]

"Secondly", it [11] is the sacred number par excellence of the new Aeon. As it is written in the Book of the Law: [...]"

After speaking of this in the video, Stephen Dollins went on to say:

"Then he says, 'Eleven as all their numbers, who are of us'. What he is telling us is that all who practice black magic, white magic, witchcraft, satanism, anything that has to do with the occult fall under that magical number of eleven, that there is magic in numbers. This comes from Magic in Theory and Practice. Now, look at how it's used in Harry Potter. This is Harry Potter as he discovers his wand; and, by the way, Harry is told that is is not the wizard that chooses the magic wand: it is the wand who chooses the wizard. Harry is told that his wand is very special because it is the only want that contains a Phoenix feather and Phoenix feather is what gives it its power. [...]

It says, 'Harry had waved what felt like every wand in the last he found one that suited him - this one, which was made of holly, eleven inches long and contained a single feather from the Phoenix...' This is from Goblet of Fire. 

So, here you have Harry with a magic wand made of a constructed wood called holly, so you have Holly Wood --" [There is a long pause here and some astonishment among the audience.]

"-- now you wonder why the motion picture industry is cranking out occult movies by the dozens -- I mean, think about it. You can't even name on your fingers five movies that you've seen this year, or in the last year, that were totally wholesome. Most of them have overt occult significance in them. Most of them have something about communicating with spirits. Most of them are violent. Most of them show man is a lost animal, lost creature."

[Stephen Dollins notes next that Harry Potter's magic wand was 11-inches long because "eleven is the number of magic". It also contained a feather from the Phoenix. Stephen had explained earlier how the Phoenix would die and rise from its ashes to fulfill the plan the elite had for destroying the old world order to bring in a new world order. Read more about Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and the phoenix here.]

[In the video, Stephen Dollins says:]

"So, lets take a review. How old is Harry Potter when he finds out that he is a wizard? Eleven. How old do you have to be in order to join Hogwart's School of Wizardry and Witchcraft? Eleven. And how long is exactly is his magic wand? Eleven. Interesting."

(This transcription comes from the video entitled: UNDER THE SPELL OF HARRY POTTER .)


In Part 3, after presenting many disturbing facts about Harry Potter books and movies, Stephen Dollins gave his Christian audience a challenge:

(This transcription comes from the video entitled: UNDER THE SPELL OF HARRY POTTER .)

"Do you realize that the Church is the only authority on the face of the Earth that God has given that has the ability to stop this? The body of Christ. We have the authority, by the Lord Jesus Christ, to walk in those bookstores and break the spell that has been cast over those books to draw our children to buy them, but we don't do it.

"Then, the last thing I think we need to do is we need to keep watch, because if we don't stop things like Harry Potter, If we don't look and see the true evil behind just this thing alone, the book the movie, everything that has to do with Harry Potter alone -- as I stated before Satan will come through the back door with something even bigger and even more evil. We need to keep watch.You see, our children rely on us to teach them things. They rely on us. They don't have the money to go out and buy these books. It's the parents who go out and buy the books for them, or we buy them for somebody else's children. We've got to get educated. We've got to get right before the Lord.

[Stephen said, resting his hand on a Harry Potter book:]

"This is an abomination unto the Lord. No two ways about it. God doesn't say, 'I won't condone witchcraft unless its fantasy or unless its a comic book or unless its a movie.' Witchcraft to Him is witchcraft. You don't have to put on a robe. You don't have to be--you know--lighting candles. All you have to do is be in rebellion against God to be practicing witchcraft. All you have to be doing is not be doing what God has instructed you to do. You're in rebellion. That's witchcraft.

"They rely on us to teach them right and wrong. Our children rely on us to teach them what's good and what's evil. They rely on us to teach them love and hate. And, most of all, they rely on us to stand by them--show them the truth in things, not lie to them, not sugar-coat it, but to sit down with them and show them why these things are wrong, why the movie is not to be seen, why these books are not to be read. Don't just tell a child don't do that because they are in rebellion. 

"What they'll do is they'll go behind your back. Somebody gets the movie on the video--guaranteed, they'll go watch it--behind your back, because you didn't answer their question.

"And most of all, the one thing they rely on us to do is to take the authority that we've been given as parents, as grandparents, as aunts and uncles, as the body of Christ--they rely on us to break the spell of Harry Potter."

(This transcription comes from the video entitled: UNDER THE SPELL OF HARRY POTTER .)

 A former Temple Master of the "Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn" spoke out against Harry Potter:

"The story of Harry Potter is an allegory: It is written and packaged to look like fantasy when, in truth, it is a carefully written true description of the training and work of an initiate in an occult order. [...] The story line aligns with real occult books written by renowned occultist Gavin and Yvonne Frost." (-- Peter Lanz, a former Temple Master in the "Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.") 

The late Pastor David J. Meyer, who had left behind witchcraft to follow Jesus Christ, wrote:

"I am writing this urgent message because I was once a witch. I lived by the stars as an astrologer and numerologist casting horoscopes and spells. […] By means of spells and magic, I was able to invoke the powers of the "controlling unknown" [….] Halloween was my favorite time of the year and I was intrigued and absorbed in the realm of Wiccan witchcraft. All of this was happening in the decade of the 1960’s when witchcraft was just starting to come out of the broom closet. […]

"The first book of the series, entitled "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone", finds the orphan, Harry Potter, embarking into a new realm when he is taken to "Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." At this occult school, Harry Potter learns how to obtain and use witchcraft equipment. Harry also learns a new vocabulary, including words such as "Azkaban", "Circe", "Draco", "Erised", "Hermes", and "Slytherin"; all of which are names of real devils or demons. These are not characters of fiction!"