Apollo Hoax Videos

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

This is a documentary film by filmmaker Bart Winfield Sibrel. It explores the truth about the NASA Apollo missions and takes a look at some incriminating Apollo archival footage. Surrounding the Earth about 1,000 miles away is a band of lethal radiation trapped in the Van Allen radiation belt. Skylab and the every space shuttle have not gone beyond a few hundred miles from the Earth's surface (at maximum). Learn why the U.S. chose to "go to the moon." The truth will open your eyes. 

Dave McGowan Blows the Apollo Lies to Shreds with Simple Logic [From a radio broadcast] 

Watch this short movie and learn what Wernher von Braun had to say about what a trip to the Moon would look like. NASA admits they don't have the technology today to send a man to the Moon today. Why can't they use the technology they had back in the 1960s to go to the moon?

Dark Mission: NASA Moon Hoax

Photographic and technology experts examine official NASA Apollo photographs, footage, and more to reveal the truth about the Apollo missions. NASA insiders (whistle-blowers) also reveal some of the dark secrets NASA didn't tell the American public and why NASA might have faked the Moon landings. This is an interesting documentary and very educational and informative.

 DARK MISSION: NASA Moon Hoax 2 - Environmental Dangers & The Trouble with Rockets

This video investigates some of the scientific problems Apollo missions face. It also looks at the reasons why NASA would want to fake a moon landing and why NASA would want to deceive the world about the Apollo moon landings. You will learn why the Russians would want to be quiet about the truth.

 (Above) A scene from a movie displaying a fake Martian landscape.


What's keeping us from Mars? Space rays, say experts

"(Reuters) - Cosmic rays are so dangerous and so poorly understood that people are unlikely to get to Mars or even back to the moon until better ways are found to protect astronauts, experts said on Monday."

'The report, commissioned by NASA's Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, said the radiation poses cancer and other health risks for years after astronauts return to Earth.

"The committee finds that lack of knowledge about the biological effects of and responses to space radiation is the single most important factor limiting prediction of radiation risk associated with human space exploration," the report reads.'

[NASA is admitting that they don't have the technology today to protect astronauts from cosmic rays. What about back in the 1960's? Did they have the technology then? Astronauts today do not venture into the Van Allen radiation belt, which encircles Earth, lest they be fried. How could they survive it back in the '60s?]

 Van Allen radiation belt [an encyclopedia article]

The Saga Of the Lost Space Tapes 

The official Apollo mission master tapes are missing. Why? NASA says they can't find them.


'Moon rock' given to Holland by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin is fake

Radiation Belt Effects on Spacecraft and Personnel [This comes from a website maintained by Tethers Unlimited, Inc., an R&D company that works with space craft.]

WIRED SCIENCE | Space Junkyard | PBS [Video] 

Here is the video description from YouTube: "Ever wonder where spaceships go to die? Special correspondent Adam Rogers visits a Southern California scrapyard to the find the place where the remnants of the Apollo missions were laid to rest.

It's where rocket engineers come to piece back together 60's technology and relearn the scientific secrets behind getting a man on the moon." (from the official PBS youtube channel.)

[Note: NASA is reverse engineering old Saturn rockets because they need to "relearn the scientific secrets behind getting a man on the moon." That is a strange why the National Aeronautics and SPACE Administration {NASA} would not know how to get to the Moon if they were the ones who did it.]

[This website does not necessarily endorse all of William Coopers personal beliefs, but what he says about the Apollo program and the scientific problems with space is convincing. See for yourself. Read more here. Hold down on the "Ctrl" key and hit the "F" key to search for "To make interstellar travel" to find this excerpt of Cooper's article.]

William Cooper said this about NASA:

"To make interstellar travel believable NASA was created. The Apollo Space Program foisted the idea that man could travel to, and walk upon, the moon. Every Apollo mission was carefully rehearsed and then filmed in large sound stages at the Atomic Energy Commissions Top Secret test site in the Nevada Desert and in a secured and guarded sound stage at the Walt Disney Studios within which was a huge scale mock-up of the moon.

All names, missions, landing sites, and events in the Apollo Space Program echo the occult metaphors, rituals, and symbology of the Illuminati's secret religion." [William Cooper. "Majesty Twelve." hourofthetime.com.]


"The tremendous radiation encountered in the Van Allen Belt, solar radiation, cosmic radiation, Solar flares, temperature control, and many other problems connected with space travel prevent living organisms leaving our atmosphere with our known level of technology. Any intelligent high school student with a basic physics book can prove NASA faked the Apollo moon landings [sic]

If you doubt this please explain how the astronauts walked upon the moons surface enclosed in a space suit in full sunlight absorbing a minimum of 265 degrees of heat surrounded by a vacuum... and that is not even taking into consideration any effects of cosmic radiation, Solar flares, micrometeorites, etc. NASA tells us the moon has no atmosphere and that the astronauts were surrounded by the vacuum of space.

Heat is defined as the vibration or movement of molecules within matter. The faster the molecular motion the higher the temperature. The slower the molecular motion the colder the temperature. Absolute zero is that point where all molecular motion ceases. In order to have hot or cold, molecules must be present.

A vacuum is a condition of nothingness where there are no molecules." [William Cooper. "Majesty Twelve." hourofthetime.com.]


  Apollo Hoax Photos

Crosshairs in Apollo photographs are covered up when they should be clearly visible. The crosshairs are part of the film and should appear superimposed on the image.

The Hasselblad camera used by Apollo astronauts had crosshairs fixed to a transparent plate:

"The Hasselblad Lunar Surface Data Camera was fitted with a Reseau plate, which provides a means of correcting images for the effects of film distortion. The Reseau plate was made of glass and was fitted to the back of the camera body, extremely close to the film plane. The plate was 5.4 x 5.4 cm in the film plane, which was the useful exposure area on the 70 mm film. The Reseau plate was engraved with a 5 x 5 grid of crosses." (Source: http://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/alsj-reseau.html)

This images should always have crosshairs superimposed. But you can see that the cross hairs are partially hidden in places.

This rock has a "C" carved into it as if it were a stage prop. This is an original photo of a rock from an Apollo mission. 

Someone Moved the Flag 

These screen shots from Dark Mission NASA Moon Hoax reveal that there are inconsistencies between the official record and what we see on Apollo mission footage. 

 These screen shots show what appears to be the earth in the blackness of space (with no stars). Then, we see a dim light appear in the left as the camera moves that way. Then, the lights turn on and we are inside an Apollo space craft with an astronaut looking at the camera. The "Earth" we thought was in space is actually a view of the Earth from the small window in the space craft. Apollo, which at that time is supposed to be halfway to the Moon, is actually in a low earth orbit. Watch the documentary "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon" to learn more.

NASA and NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) Mission Patches