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Here you will find articles exposing a variety of topics such as The New World Order, the Freemasons, Disney, Catholicism, the occult, false grace, etc. We are dedicated to learning the truth and we will not compromise in our desire to present to you the truth. Feel free to check out the articles below. They will open your eyes.

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 Articles that Reveal the Truth

Articles that Reveal the Truth

(By Date)

Is it wrong for Christians to watch cartoons with magic powers?

The Deception and Lies of the Antichrist: Hollywood Movies (3/4/15)


THE DECEPTION OF THE OCCULT IN HARRY POTTER (What Christians Need to Know About Harry Potter)

False Churches and Deception: The Lies of the Antichrist (Rick Warren Exposed)

The Sin of Sodomy and the End Times

Pornography and the Door to Hell (How to Get Set Free from Satan's Trap) 

Idolatry and America (Deception, Lies, and the False Church)

The Deception of Hollywood: Morality and James Dean 

The New World Order and the Agenda of the Antichrist (Catholicism and the New World Order)

The End Time Antichrist Deception (Video Games, Movies, and False Churches)

The Deception of Hollywood and the Occult

The Deception of the Antichrist and Hollywood

The Deception and Lies of the Antichrist

Disney and the Evil Kingdom

The Snares of the Devil

How to Be Set Free From Strongholds

Pornography and Satan’s Trap (And How to Get Set Free)

The Witchcraft of The Chronicles of Narnia

The Lord of the Rings and the Occult

Star Wars is an Abomination to God

The Deception that Has Risen Upon the Church: The Occult Disguised

Harry Potter and the Spell that is Cast upon the People

Darkness Descending and Demon Possession

A Girl Saw Michael Jackson in Hell

The Russian Invasion of America (Putin Gives America the Ultimatum)


The Testimony of Richmond Gyimah: His Encounter with Heaven and Hell 

(See more below.) 

Harry Potter and the Spell that is Cast upon the People.
The Lord of the Rings and the Occult.
The Truth about Hell that the Devil Does Not Want You to Know.
The End Time Antichrist Deception (Video Games, Hollywood, and the Occult).



Articles Cont.

The TRUTH about HELL that the Devil Does Not Want You to Know

The Downfall of America and the Reasons Why It Shall Collapse

America’s Doom: The Cycle of Nations (Downfall of America)

The Holocaust: The Truth about This Great Destruction of the Jewish People

Defending the Jews: The Truth about Israel 

Mystery Religion: The Antichrist and the Zoroaster (And Freemasonry)

Fire Worship, the Illuminati, and Babylon (and Catholicism)

Catholicism Exposed

Exposed: “Jehovah’s Witnesses” (Watchtower Society)

The Mormon (LDS) Religion Exposed (Mormonism Exposed)

John Hagee's False Teaching Exposed

God Made an Everlasting Covenant with Israel: 10 Points Why The Jews Are Special to God

What the Bible Has to Say about False Teachers (False Prophets) (False Doctrine)

Is There any Hope in this Depressing World? There is Hope!

Abortion is an Abomination 

Abortion and Why It Is Wrong

Lust and the Consequences of Sin (including pornography)


“Do What Thou Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law”: The Satanic Mandate


ROCK MUSIC: The Babylon Deception

The Babylon Deception: MOVIES (and the MAGIC WAND)

Why Do Evil People Call Evil "Good" and Good "Evil"? See What the Bible Says.

Ten Examples why the Axis (Hitler) and the Allies were working for the Illuminati (the "Elite").

The C.S. Lewis Deception

Questions and Answers About Masonry (Freemasonry), Catholicism, and Mystery Religion

Mystery Babylon – The Great Harlot and the Illuminati / Masonic / Catholic Connection

The Illuminati, Nimrod, and Satan’s Agenda (Illuminati Symbols, Baal, Tower of Babel, All-Seeing-Eye, NRO Mission Patches, Subliminal)

The Righteous Judgment of an Ungodly Nation (The Judgment of America)

The Harmful Effects of Too Much Video Game Playing

Amazing Biblical Artifacts Unearthed and the Discovery of a Lifetime

Did Ancient People Have Advanced Technology?

Did Ancient People Believe that Dinosaurs Were Contemporaries of Humankind?

The Harmful Effects of Watching Too Much TV

Mind Reading Technology is No Longer Fictional



Hagmann & Hagmann Report -- From a caller: Are you prepared to lose everything? 

The King James 1611 Bible

"Prophetic Warning to America...War is Coming!"

2015: Overcoming Prophetic Events through Prayer Repentance & Fasting (David Lankford and Steve Quayle)

Who will stand with the remnant? Are you prepared to endure the coming persecution for the sake of your salvation?



 (Please take time to seek God about Christmas and ask God what He wants you to do. It is important to seek God about everything. 

Jeremiah 29:13 says: "And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.")

America's Occult Holidays (video)

Harry Potter is Deception (video, links, and more)

Word from God: “The LORD thy GOD is speaking to His people.” (12/3/14)

Truth about Harry Potter They Don't Want You to Know 

Under the Spell of Harry Potter (Listen to Stephen Dollins) (video)

Verses of the Month: 2 Corinthians 5:7-82 Timothy 2:5-7, 2 Corinthians 1:7-8, Revelation 7:8-10

Today’s Rhema Word

“The Word of GOD to America and to the Church.” (11/28/14)

Lust and the Consequences of Sin (What the Bible Says About Lust) (Internet Dangers)

God's Word for America to Manette (Nov. 24, 2014) 

Today’s Rhema Word

“The Word of GOD to America and to the Church.” (11/28/14)

“The Word of God to His Church.” (Date: 11/27/14)

Lust and the Consequences of Sin (What the Bible Says About Lust) (Internet Dangers)

“The Word of God to America.” (11/17/14) (Or Click here to read the 'Words from God' page.)

Bible Scriptures for November: Leviticus 20:10Exodus 20:14James 5:1-10

(NOTE: The spirits of anarchy, chaos, murder, and hatred are behind the rioting in Ferguson. The spirits behind ISIS are also behind anarchy. The devil wants people to riot because he loves destruction. The devil loves chaos and death. 

Jesus Christ came to give men life...

John 10:10

10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

Click here to find out how to have eternal life and peace with God through Jesus ChristClick and scroll down to read the bottom of the page.)


TRUNEWS: Dr. Timothy Sims "A Nation Numbered" (Nov. 21, 2014) (listen(America's judgment is here!)

'Invasion America' 

(Note: the only way to prepare for this time is to get right with God and to get to know God in a very good, personal way. Would you like to learn how to be saved from sin and from Hell and learn how to know God's name and have a goodclose relationship with GodClick here and scroll down to read.) 

 Steve from Panama speaks about the last days, America's judgment, and walking with God. This is a good interview. Click here.

 Pastor T.D. Hale talks about his visions from God and the interpretations. This is very serious for the people of America. We need to walk with God. Find out how to know God's name here.

 Pastor Chris Steinle talks about how God put on his heart to come out from Babylon and how God wants His people to come out from Babylon (the evil world system and the country that is spiritually a Babylon). 

 Henry Gruver talks about his visions from God and how they pertain to America. He encourages people to seek God and ask God to awaken them to God and to God's guidance and still small voice. (Galatians 5:16-17 tells us we need to walk in the Spirit so we will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.)

Find out how to know God's name here.

Confirmation of Russian Troops Entering America Thru Alaska 

"My webmaster spent some time recently on a radar screen, and noted with grave concern signals which could possibly indicate Russian military troop build-up, both Naval, and on land in eastern Siberia directly across from Alaska and the Bering Strait, and in Alaska on the coast as well. If we can obtain confirmation, this would not surprise me in the least.


Russia is already under secret treaty with the US to provide her troops to the US military to assist in “urban pacification,” round-ups and arrests, gun seizure, running the camps, etc., under martial law. The treaty is called, “the Trilateral Alliance Treaty” and ..." [READ MORE]

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